I Choose You

 Like the warmth of the sun in its amber rays

You sustained me guiding me through my days

Enraptured by your presence

Unparalleled love you bountifully provide

Rest assured in your reverence this passion will never subside

How could I forget you?

Like waves crashing against the beaches shores

Like stars in the sky shining through the moon’s blue 

You complete me

 You persevere me through

You abound me, sending me to my knees

Your love is unconditional

If my love were the ocean, missing you would empty me

Lost in a world with pain and rejection at my feet

You shield me with your grace and mercy

Effortless in your range

No shift in life can ever change

Ever so lovingly, ever so pure

No love can fulfill like yours

You appreciate me

For you are the one I adore

Timeless love ever so true

And for that I choose you…

by Tanisha P

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