Orange Flame

You take my breath away… At times I stand speechless A cool silence dancing against my tongue Beneath the stillness You’ll feel the warmth You’ll hear magic An enchantment unsung It whispers a calm yearning Through a quiet storm Raining heavy with desire An orange flame A wild heart Setting my world on fire It’s […]

fear of the wild wonder

There’s this thing – an energy that paralyzes. It keeps us from rationalizing our fears from desires. It leaves us suspended in a space of complexity where uncertainty consumes. Because of this, we remain heavy hearted. Our truth becomes dearly departed. At times neither one of you can bear to see each other, let alone be […]

grain of salt

The swift of his cool, so soft as the breeze The weight of emotion Bringing me to my knees My ultimate fix My daily addiction A longing for your touch My hearts redemption Soft as words  Is how i choose to be It’s easier to hide inside this heartbeat You’re not ready to see me […]

tug of war

He’s the constant Reflection in my mind My suspended memory Mirrored into time Laying me to rest In my slow state of measure Brilliant to his moments My guilty state of pleasure Lost inside his reverie Subdued in his emotions I cannot handle Nor can I conceive Hiking over terrains crossing mounds and boundaries So […]

Blindfold & Tears

  Blind in love In the thick of u Tied up in memories Tangled in ur rules Time is obsolete as seconds run steep A feeling so strong, parting the seas Bound to my dreams of you Scars of sorrow weighing heavily Misery drowning me Fading into shadows by the absence of u Consumed by these tears Haunted […]

blind in the blue (for Mel..before)

          lost in your world the depth of u the many dimensions of ur blue was captured by ur rarity taken for a spin tracing my perception my original sin how could i be so blind to let u in thinking u were deserving of my love knowing my heart warned in pretense that’s where it […]

my CALMer

he is the feather to my wind………. drifting freely he is my calmer my mellow memory his levels smooth my many dimensions so in depth my silent redemption like the breathe of life he brings the love the love that warms the cold inside of me burying the sorrow wiping away the melancholy he is my lion in […]

no home for the broken hearted

  what’s left to do when everything else has failed you you try so hard to succeed yet things unravel so seamlessly 1 thousand tears can fall but can never save u from the reality of it all they make u stumble and they make u fall unwelcome in your own domicile no one cares […]


You clearly don’t see me… Swift through the breeze, I fade into the wind.. No weight to your world I hold no pretense.. The words I utter create no suspense.. No plot to my story, dilapidated to begin.. Where is my coveted protection? Your loving affection? Vision to your world all appears in pretend.. How […]

Man of 1000 Moons

To Walk A Mile In His Shoes, Is To Walk With The Weight Of 1000 Moons heavy of a load he bears facing many challenges at hand somber moods cloud his path sinking him quick in the thick of sand the burdens built ravage him slowly enticing the world inside pressure mounts invading of doubts […]

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant;they too have their story. Avoid loud and […]

Enemy of Uncertainty

Take a look at what you see Do you envision a glow upon me Dark as the dusk of night Empty like the eyes of Madame Moonlight Wandering in time so aimlessly No direction, no reflection of life upon my crescent cove I am the mare of the night I am the dark angel in […]

Growth (female edition)

No more time for games Have to grow up girl Life is no longer about pick tails & curls Time to get serious Before things get delirious Why do you insist on acting in childish ways Are you afraid of what a real woman would face Girls are bound to make mistakes But what makes […]

Queen of Sad Clouds (for Melissa)

Outside your beauty and intellect prevails Inside your strength and wisdom excel Your spirit is your empire Your soul is your empress Your innocence is your princess You bear a crown of clouded jewels given to you by your careless kings No need to weep for they are helpless as sheep Lost in a war […]


In depth of the world she stands Awakened by words of significance Destiny has lent a hand in this position Divine guidance led her to him for the 3rd time in their lives Words can never explain the reasons as to why They merely surrendered and let chance oblige This time it’s different, quite apparent […]

To the End

to the end of the earth my love abound forever there forever around dedicated love i gave at most unappreciated i contested at most all i ever wanted from you was love at best all you ever gave was selfish love you claim to attest no longer will i wait no longer will i confess […]