Destiny Lost Its Wings

destiny lost its wings

Destiny lost its wings soaring through its flight

losing all sense of direction, forgetting about its plight.

Tell me where it all went wrong so I can make it right?

I’d move the clouds in the sky and align the stars at night.

I’d whisper to the ocean to calm the waves at sea.

I’d cross the Atlantic just to have you next to me.

Daydreaming against the moon wishing to belong,

wishing time stood still when you and I were strong.

Chasing after memories replaying like a song.

So many tears I’ve shed from the person you’ve become.

Why do you choose to distance me beyond the golden sun?

Tell me where, where have all the good times gone?

Yes I want them back yet you continue to run.

The laughter once shared is now growing faint.

The memories painted are now beginning to fade.

Why must it be this way?

Once my best-friend, somehow it began to change.

Twice my lover, is that when it rearranged?

We have something special beyond what you choose to see,

we have a bond created and bound in destiny.

Take me back where it all can be regained.

Prove to me the years we shared were not all in vain.

Though destiny’s wings are not visible in sight,

I know they can be restored if you are willing to put up a fight.

Tanisha P

One thought on “Destiny Lost Its Wings

  1. wow..ok tanisha, now im convinced u are the truth,lol.
    I loved this one too. Although I know this is your own..I felt like it was about me n my situation, geez! Im glad Im not the only one who feels that way. My “situation” is a done deal..but if i could have told him how i felt..these words would be it;)

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