Destiny Lost Its Wings

Destiny lost its wings soaring through its flight losing all sense of direction, forgetting about its plight. Tell me where it all went wrong so I can make it right? I’d move the clouds in the sky and align the stars at night. I’d whisper to the ocean to calm the waves at sea. I’d cross […]

I Choose You

 Like the warmth of the sun in its amber rays You sustained me guiding me through my days Enraptured by your presence Unparalleled love you bountifully provide Rest assured in your reverence this passion will never subside How could I forget you? Like waves crashing against the beaches shores Like stars in the sky shining through the moon’s blue  You […]

Fight 4 Me

will you truly fight for me? not with words but by actions visible for the eyes to see? don’t let me down cupid’s wearing his crown and aimed his arrow towards me words can never express the feelings you proclaim i need you to show me if its me you wish to claim yet why […]


being with you was like a joy to no end until i began to weigh it all in selfless confessions i professed actions of love  i attest there were no scales unbalanced a fair game at play to the ends of the earth my heart displayed my love had no limits unconditional from the heart […]

drInK AwAy the PAIN

some drink it for its taste some use it to escape quenching away the thirst to drown away the pain many depend leaning on it as a friend to help relieve the hurt sheltered deep within times when you’re shy feelings bottled inside actions can no longer tell words seem to fail judgment impaired boundary […]

dRoWn N mY tEaRz

  off to the side I disappear in my pain wallowing in pity sadness in the rain fading into shadows my heart grows faint nothing left to do nothing left to say I guess I’ll sit here and drown in my tears while u are free as a bird I reminisce to hold u near […]