Blindfold & Tears


blindfold down

Blind in love

In the thick of u

Tied up in memories

Tangled in ur rules

Time is obsolete as seconds run steep

A feeling so strong, parting the seas

Bound to my dreams of you

Scars of sorrow weighing heavily

Misery drowning me

Fading into shadows by the absence of u

Consumed by these tears

Haunted by ur touch

Longing to be near u

Missing u, can’t live without 

the second flame to my heart

passionate reflections tearing me apart

slave to your command

just to feel the move to your demand 

you got me

me got you

tonguetied, confused 

walking aimlessly

aimlessy consumed 

the way i feel, too intense to reveal

wrap me up in blindfolds

eyes full of tears 



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