Man of 1000 Moons

sad spaceman

To Walk A Mile In His Shoes, Is To Walk With The Weight Of 1000 Moons

heavy of a load he bears

facing many challenges at hand

somber moods cloud his path

sinking him quick in the thick of sand

the burdens built ravage him slowly

enticing the world inside

pressure mounts

invading of doubts

conquer & divide

sounds of desperation ring alarm

impairing the beat of his heart

trapped inside his seducing thoughts

old fires causing harm


To Grasp The Thoughts He Consumes, Is To Stretch Your Mind Beyond 1000 Moons

devoured in silence

recaptured in time

speechless emotions

suffocating like a crime

his mental torture is twice his burn

regretting, remorsing

scars of lessons learned

reflection is his constant state of measure

balancing the pros & cons

solitude consumes when uncertainty eludes

pushing to pull him along

the weight of his memories

replaying like a song


To Possess The Spirit He Exudes, Is To Touch The Light Of 1000 Moons

an unspoken language gravitates you to his pull

he inspires hearts of many

peace reigns eternal

a natural ability to ease many worries & fears

words of enlightment

illuminous & sincere

such a beautiful aurora

quite rare in its kind

light bearing soul

a spiritual manifestion personified


To Capture The Heart He Secludes, Is To Journey The Distance Of 1000 Moons

dare to take a chance & gamble with fate

dare to raise the risks, with your heart at stake

he comes in layers

levels to his heart

no guarantee if you will reach

heartbreak has pulled him apart

if good fortune is written & it’s destined to be

the walls around his heart will fall effortlessly

back against the wall

time to make your move

destiny in the wind

which path will you choose…

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