no home for the broken hearted


what’s left to do when everything else has failed you

you try so hard to succeed yet things unravel so seamlessly

1 thousand tears can fall but can never save u from the reality of it all

they make u stumble and they make u fall

unwelcome in your own domicile

no one cares about your heart break

back against the wall

you reach out for a helping hand

your cry for help is now a whisper in the sinking sand

in the madness of your own pain

no home for the broken hearted

no shelter from your rain

that moment when u feel u are left alone

just a bottle to comfort u

no real place to call home

the broken hearted are emotional wanderers

searching for some fortitude and solace

seeking a place of refuge from themselves

to heal the two

the two broken halves that was once all of u………

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