Queen of Sad Clouds (for Melissa)

Outside your beauty and intellect prevails

Inside your strength and wisdom excel

Your spirit is your empire

Your soul is your empress

Your innocence is your princess

You bear a crown of clouded jewels given to you by your careless kings

No need to weep for they are helpless as sheep

Lost in a war of deceit

Their spirits bruised from defeat

Misguided are their ways

Easily lead astray

Betrayal has sat at your thrown time after time

Yet you continue to rule over the storm of their crime

Take a minute and think of how far you came

With all you’ve gained

Although clouds of sadness continue to crown

Shield your heart from the rain and never drown

Remain brave as a bird

Humble as the wind

Seek the power inside

Conquer like a lion and win

Protect your castle of compassion

Don’t let the deceivers come near

Keep your head to the sky

And never fear

Just when you think no one listens

The Redeemer hears


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