THE LIGHT OF SEASONS (A Poem)- one of my favorite poems by Juno

I stand alone in time & space

With no land, no color, no race

The rock that you have stumbled on

The shell that whispers wind and song


I watch the eagle as it flies

And gaze upon eternal skies

I am the bridge that you have crossed on

Or a wave that meets the ocean


My mind has leaped to higher places

Stopping every fear it faces

I witnessed every raging storm

Taking heavy shape and form 


I walked the road where no one goes 

And found the spring where bounty flows

I chose the path away from reason

And let my light guide through all seasons 


I came to rest on autumn’s dawn

And found you dancing by the lawn

And little did I know in time 

The light I saw was yours not mine


Poetry of an Awakening Soul

(Dedicated to all who embraced the work of light

You are never alone…)

by Juno

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