In depth of the world she stands

Awakened by words of significance

Destiny has lent a hand in this position

Divine guidance led her to him for the 3rd time in their lives

Words can never explain the reasons as to why

They merely surrendered and let chance oblige

This time it’s different, quite apparent to believe

Signs of fate whisper in the air clear for the eyes to see

He takes her hand and leads her out of despair

Fragile hearts surrender it’s part renewed and unprepared

His conviction leads her gracefully

Her complexities are removed

Their hearts reflect sentiments of affection effortlessly unmoved 

The passion they carry forms a vivid light

Emblazoned amongst the skies at night

Stars tremble at their sight

What they carry between the two

Something mystical something true

Something robust radiating through 

A profound energy amidst

Ignited with every kiss

A beautiful fancy indeed

Something written and planned in destiny

Or is it a coincidence? Time will soon reveal

The truth of their purpose, genuine or surreal

One thought on “Providence

  1. Jumping ahead of myself can be destructive. Things should unravel on its own natural accord. Stop looking to draw comparisons against your own desires. Apparently, that providence was surreal & unrealistic. Lesson learned.

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