To the End

to the end of the earth my love abound

forever there

forever around

dedicated love i gave at most

unappreciated i contested at most

all i ever wanted from you was love at best

all you ever gave was selfish love you claim to attest

no longer will i wait

no longer will i confess

one day you will truly appreciate me


but i won’t hold my breathe

till then i must go officially

so easy to say

so easy to write

soon you’ll know the truth of my plight


but you may never know

my love you decided to hide in the past

beyond the ocean’s blue

ever so sad

ever so true

so i must go because your heart is not in it

i wish u the best now that i’m no longer in it

by Tanisha P


One thought on “To the End

  1. This one is soo real. Like all of them are, but this definately speaks to me!lol. Keep em comin girl. Hope ur doing well:/

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