drInK AwAy the PAIN

some drink it for its taste

some use it to escape

quenching away the thirst

to drown away the pain

many depend

leaning on it as a friend

to help relieve the hurt sheltered deep within

times when you’re shy

feelings bottled inside

actions can no longer tell

words seem to fail

judgment impaired

boundary lines go unclear

feelings untamed

impulses unrestrained

revealing the true

secrets kept inside of you

actions can no longer hide

swallowing your pride

pouring out your heart

all walls begin to fall

letting down your guards

professing sentiments of love

expressing actions of affection

passion ignites in each kiss

lips slowly confessing

drunk and drenched in love

purifying in each swallow

building shelter

and creating the rain

intoxicated by its taste

driving me insane

quenching my thirst

i drink away the pain

by Tanisha P

One thought on “drInK AwAy the PAIN

  1. Tanisha P, I just read everything. I like your style, i’m a writer, poet, and aspiring rapper! I JUST WANTED TA THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK BECAUSE POETRY, AND THE ENERGY IT TAKES TO WRITE IT ISN’T ALWAYS SHOWN ENOUGH APPRECIATION!!!! I’ve written countless poems, but all the o.k. one’s are online(check’em out sometime) Peace.

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